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Adon Olam

Master of the Universe Who reigned before any creature was created,

At the time when all was made by Your will,

then was Your Name proclaimed King.


After all things shall cease to be the Awesome One will reign alone.

You were, You are, and You shall be in glory.


You are One, and there is no second to compare to You, to associate [with You].

Without beginning, without end,

power and dominion are Yours.


You are my G-d and my ever-living Redeemer, the Rock of my destiny in times of distress [and joy].

You are my flag [my banner] and my refuge;

You are the portion of my cup on the day I call.


Into Your hand I entrust my spirit [both] when I sleep and when I am awake.

And with my spirit my body [too],

Adonai is with me, I shall not fear.

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