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A Sad but True Commentary of Our Times

It's Time to Divorce From These Leftist Synagogues

These places have replaced Moshe and Madison with Marx and Sanders. They have replaced truth with untruth and order with liberalist chaos - An Op-Ed by Howard Sachs

Sadly, it’s time for divorce. The prominent “Conservative” American synagogue I have worshiped at for over thirty years is basically gone, replaced by a new institution with Jews worshiping a new and very deformed religion. It’s the same across the street in the mainline Methodist church. It’s the same at thousands of non- Orthodox temples and churches across this land. In essence these institutions now present a view of God, reality, morals and truth quite disconnected from the core values and views that undergirded the Judeo-Christian West and America.

My fellow Jews, in general, in these places have replaced Moses and Madison with Marx and Bernie, truth with untruth, goodness with bad, order with chaos. It is a replacement with a new religion and vision with multiple names - Leftism, liberalism, “progressivism”, neo- Marxism, postmodernism. The replacement has infected and subsumed most major institutions in this country including our Democrat Party, public schools and universities, the mainstream media, the arts and social media. They have converted, are all onboard.

For a view reading of this Op-Ed by Sachs go to: Arutz Sheva

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