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About Shmu's Views

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Torah Observant Judaism

Shmu's Views is both a storehouse and warehouse of Jewish thought, ideas, teachings and wisdom. Walk through its aisles and consume its contents from the various paths of Judaism and myriad concepts taught by our Torah, and sages of past and current memory. We also take a look at and compare alternative views as they pertain to the Biblical narrative.

Teaching Torah Observant Judaism from an unbiased, unaffiliated viewpoint through study of the Torah, Talmud and Midrash, as well as, the traditions of our Jewish heritage and those of the region of Sumer, Egypt and the Levant. We view the Tanakh and interpret it based on its original language keeping in mind the many redactions and translations that have been made over the centuries beginning with those done by scribes during theE Babylonian exile period and keeping in mind the impact the original Sumerian stories which pre-date the Torah and Tanakh by many centuries and the obvious influence Avraham brought from his original home in Ur of Sumer, as well as the Babylonian story influences on the later redactors. The Tankah was not written in a vacuum and our interpretations keep this fact always in mind.

You may notice there will be times when our studies, lessons and articles will not always coincide with those within some or all of the different branches of Judaism be they Ultra-Orthodox, Neo-Orthodox, Conservadox, Conservative, Reform or Reconstruction. We do however do our best to understand and teach the Torah and entire Tanakh from the viewpoint of those who actually wrote and lived it never forgetting to whom it was addressed and the time in which it was presented.

NOTE: We invite you to also join us for discussions as they pertain to the articles found on Shmu's Views, as well as any questions or comments you may wish to chime in on at our social media platform on Click on the following LINK to access our social media page.

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