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An Open Comment to Joe Rogan

From: Shmuel ben Shlomi

I'm not sure if Joe Rogan will ever see this but I went ahead and posted an open comment to him on his podcast page after watching his episode with comedian Akaash Singh.

Joe, I watched your full episode with Akaash Singh this morning on Spotify. As usual you hit it out of the park.

Your point about apologizing not being wrong when you've f**ked up was spot on, except I might interject it all depends to whom you are offering that apology. In the case of what has been happening over the past few weeks with you and the Alt-Left and perhaps some even on the Alt-Right you really do not owe any of that breed an apology.

Keep in mind, regardless of their rhetoric they are not really looking for an apology from you that they will ever secretly accept. They have one goal -- to destroy you and your ability to do what you do best -- inform the viewer and listener with all sides of an issue.

They are cancel culture and nothing short of seeing you canceled and decimated will ever satisfy their lust for divisiveness. Please keep that in mind before offering any more apologizes in the near and distant future; and trust me from someone who knows, they will never be satisfied until you are gone. Always remember your conversation with Jordan Peterson about this very issue -- give them an inch and they will take another inch out of your soul until you are left empty of life.

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