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Are Dems and RINOs Blind To Their Own Hypocrisy?

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Stacey Abrams’ maskless photo scandal, Dr. Leana Wen's sudden reversal on COVID restrictions, and the Freedom Convoy pushing Justin Trudeau into a corner.

First, Dave shares clips of CNN running cover for Stacey Abrams’ maskless photo scandal. While Abrams continues to support school mask mandates, she deleted a tweet of a photo of her being maskless surrounded by masked kids in school. This photo sums up the COVID hypocrisy of Democrats as whole.

Meanwhile, various blue states are removing their mandates for masks in schools and Dr. Fauci is not pleased. Next, a clip of teachers union head Randi Weingarten as she implies that COVID restrictions in schools can be removed when transmission is near zero. This is the same woman responsible for encouraging numerous school closures, and restricting face to face learning. Next, former Planned Parenthood president and public health expert Dr. Leana Wen is now saying that cloth masks don’t do much and that it is ok for school mask mandates to be lifted. Why the sudden change? Rep. Hakeem Jeffries thinks it’s all because the Biden administration did such a good job fighting COVID.

COVID restrictions are also being lifted by Jason Kenney in Alberta. Has the science changed or do they all realize that voters have had enough?

Finally, the truckers of the Freedom Convoy in Canada must be winning in their fight against vaccine mandates. The vaccine mandate protest appears to be pushing Justin Trudeau to the brink and the media has launched a laughable smear campaign calling it a national insurrection. Even Press Secretary Jen Psaki is trying to ignore the protests' effect on the movement of goods across the US-Canada border.

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