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Are E.T.s For Real?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

by: Shmuel ben Shlomi

Aside from the query “Is there a God?” there are two other basically difficult questions that appear to lack a viable, cognitive answer; which we human beings find hard to cope with.

They are “How high is up?” And, “Do aliens, Extraterrestrials (E.T.) exist?”

The first question can never be answered because the Laws of Quantum Physics and Space/Time Relativity help us realize that there is no such thing as up or down in an ever expanding universe, so distances in this regard are meaningless, especially on a subatomic level.

The answer to the second question about E.T.s, while complex and difficult may not be quite as hard to deal with, at least on a debatable level for the purpose of discussion. To date we have no empirical data, at least not for consumption by the general public, that can prove one way or the other if non-Earthly sentient life exists somewhere “out there.” We do, however, have tons and reams of data ranging from folklore, myths, tales, first-hand witness accounts, as well as, testimony from so-called abductees and cattle mutilations; a massive amount of art, audio, pictorial, radar and video evidence that certainly points to the possibility of such life.

Going as far back as the earliest of written accounts there have been mention of strange beings, flying in unusual craft type modes of travel interacting with humankind. The oldest writings from ancient times are continuing to be unearthed, deciphered and translated and many seem to point to visitations from beings not of this Earth coming to our planet for their own agenda and purposes. Those writings include the oldest on record coming out of the first post-Deluge civilization known today as the Sumerians in what is now modern day Iraq, Iran and parts of Turkey (dating back between 8,000 to 7,000 BCE). This is the region Abraham and Sarah were a part of before migrating to Canaan (approx. 5,000 to 4,000 BCE). Other writings from later periods come out of the Egyptian, Assyrian and Babylonia Empires (5,000 to 2,500 BCE), all civilizations that came out of and continued the Sumerian legacy of E.T. visitations by simply changing names, dates and places, but the stories remained the same. At some point in humanity’s past visitors from outer space, other planets landed on Earth, built cities and massive structures, used humans as slave labor to work their mines, plow their fields and participate in other tasks that help to further the “alien” agenda.

The Sumerian tales even go as far as to claim that two alien scientists, a brother and sister team named Enki/Ea and Ninmah/Ninhursag (where the word mamma originated) were, what today would be called geneticists, responsible for taking an upright walking hominid and altering its genome creating human beings in their various stages of development until their pinnacle of success (us) homosapien-sapien was “birthed” as the superior slave force for them (approx. 250,000 to 200,000 years ago).

These aliens from space, called Annunaki by the Sumerians and Anakim in the Jewish bible were few in number, never numbering more than 600 at any one time on Earth, so they needed the resources of a good slave race to provide for the hard labor and farming needs of their species while on this planet. These E.T.s were long lived and quite tall and robust when compared to their human creation so eventually became objects of worship as gods to the newly created humans.

This pantheon of gods continued to be told in the stories coming out of Assyria, Babylon, the Levant, Turkey and India.

The HIndu stories of E.T.s date almost as far back (approx. 5,000 to 4,000 BCE) as those found in the Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian texts. One of the two most ancient Hindu scripts is called the Mahabharata and is replete with accounts of extraterrestrials ruling over the people, warring with one another and intermarrying or having sexual relations with their human creation.

The Hebrew Bible is no stranger to these same kinds of epic encounters with E.T.s. In the early pages of Genesis we read about the Elohim (a plural word for god - gods) as creators of human beings. There are pre and post Deluge stories of giants called Nephillim. Some view these as the offspring of these alien (aka sons of god)/human relationships. Like these “gods” - or aliens, the early humans, according to the Jewish Bible, particularly those human “hybrids” lived quite long lives as their alien parent. It was only later, sometime after the Deluge that the human lifespan was shortened to no more than 120 years at most. Was this a re-tweeking of the human genome by these E.T. geneticists as some today think?

What makes all this most interesting is the fact that these antiquated stories of ancient alien visitors to Earth, their genetic manipulation of an Earth hominid, their teaching these human creations to work (labor), farm, build, serve and worship are not limited to just the areas of Africa, the Near, Middle and Far East. They are spread out to the islands of the Pacific and Atlantic, the “New World” in what we now call Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central and South America.

It would appear that if these otherworldly aliens did and do exist they made it their business to travel the width and breath of planet Earth looking for more and more resources to cull and take with them….just as we do today and will likely do soon on places like our Moon, Mars, the asteroids, and planetoids within the asteroid belt, as well as other moons within our own solar system. If all goes according to plan we will be the new E.T.s on planets like Mars, our Moon in 10 years or less and the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. We too will be limited in number as the expense of sending large groups of workers would be preventative, so, as our genetics continues to advance at its unbelievably current rate, will we become the new Annunaki/Elohim on some other planet with a newly developing sentient life-form that we can genetically alter to best fit our need for the resources that species can provide for us and our space missions?

For some interesting correlations between possible E.T. visits in the Jewish Bible see the following texts:

Ezekiel Chapters 1, 2, 40-44

[Recreation of Elijah's Glory of God by NASA engineer Josef F. Blumrich]

2 Kings Chapter 2

[Depiction of Elijah's Chariot of Fire that took him to heaven (space)]

We could also mention the Burning Bush episode with Moshe Exodus Chapter 3.

The giving of the Torah on the Mount and the prohibition to keep the people away from the mountain because of the danger of the coming of the LORD to the mountain due to the extreme heat and fire. Have you ever watched a rocket launch at NASA ,and now thanks to SpaceX, the landing of a rocket back to Earth — you don’t want to be anywhere near the takeoff or landing, you will be incinerated. The same was true when Moshe wanted to catch a glimpse of HaShem’ glory. He was told to look at HIM would kill Moshe so in order to protect him as HaShem left (lifted off) from the mountain Moshe was allowed to hide within a cleft of a rock face and gain protection in the side of the mountain away from the intense heat, fire and smoke caused by the departure of the LORD. [SEE: Exodus 19-33]. These are just a few of the verses from the Jewish Bible that may indicate the interaction between E.T.s and humanity.

[Artist interpretation of UFO landing on Mount Sinai & giving of Torah to Moshe]

Does all this mean that God is not real, or that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel and all creation is nothing more than an elaborate misunderstanding by people overwhelmed by beings and technology they simply could not understand or comprehend, thereby making these alien visitors gods to be worshipped? Yes and no!

If you read the ancient writings thus far translated from Egypt and Sumer then you see that these E.T.s also trusted in and believed in a One Creator God who made all that is — the entire universe we and they inhabit and the multi-verse. All we have in these writings are the perspective of the human beings writing these stories of their adventures and encounters with these E.T.s but know little of the alien perspective except for a small reference here and there.

A good example of this same kind of behavior can be found among certain pacific islanders to this day. When U.S. forces went to certain islands in the Pacific to set up bases of operation during World War II against the Japanese forces, they created landing strips, brought in tons of rations, building materials and other stuff common in the “civilized” western world. The inhabitants of those islands had never seen a westerner or those kinds of technologies before or at anytime in their long ancestral history. The Americans would provide the inhabitants with rations, had them do menial chores on the bases while everyday they would observe the behavior, technological uses and activity of these miraculous strangers. Eventually, after the end of the war and all the troops moved out and took most of the weapons, planes, ships and materials with them (unlike Afghanistan) the indigents began looking for their return, their gifts (rations) and so forth. They built makeshift runways and constructed planes and ports out of reeds, bamboo and other local materials from the islands, painted USA in bright letters across their chests and made replicas of the American flag out of palm leaves and reeds and soon after the American departure they began seeing the troops as gods to be prayed and sacrificed to in order to curry favor from their new gods so that they could receive a blessing for a variety of reasons, be it good crops, good fishing, good health and so on. Sound familiar?

Whether this same kind of thing occurred in the very distant past with our ancestors of the human race is speculative but with those ancient writings becoming more available and so many modern day examples perhaps the proof as they say is in the pudding.

Does this mean God is not real and belief in a God has only arisen as a result of alien contact in the distant past? I would say not at all. I would tend to lean toward the idea that learning all this expands our concept of the One True God and takes IT out of the narrow minded and limited view of an anthropomorphic creation of the mind of humankind.

Who is to say that what has occurred in the distant past isn’t how God decided to allow sentient life to flourish on Earth and other planets. IT (HE/SHE) sets creation on a path of sentience by creating the basic building blocks of life and putting them in place allowing for that nascent life to begin in its limitless forms, evolving to a certain point in which they can reach out into space and begin exploring other planets, solar systems and galaxies. They go out not to create life necessarily but to find ways with their brand of technology to enhance or preserve their own lives but in doing so add to the wonderful creative process of the One True God.

In the beginning GOD!

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