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At the Precipice - Again!

by: Shmuel ben Shlomi

Everything we have witnessed happening with the lockdowns, vaccine and booster rollouts over the past two years, believe it or not, is perfectly normal.

The few successes, the myriad of failures, the starts and then stops. The warnings the media propaganda. The usefulness of the vaccines and the detrimental side effects, even the growing number of fatalities as a result of Covid vaccine use.

If all this is normal then why all the fuss?

There is one difference between this rollout of vaccines that makes it so dangerous. All that has occurred over the last twenty-four months would have normally taken place in a controlled lab testing environment on "lower life forms" such as guinea pigs, lab rats and later on dogs, cats and non-human primates. Eventually, with human volunteers.

The same results would have been seen in those test animals over the past two years as are now being seen in the new lab rats called humans.

Either out of ignorance, since the thrust of the development of the vaccine became more about being first (and I blame the Trump administration for that) instead of the efficacy of the vaccine, which can take at least a decade to ensure. I also blame the Biden administration for continuing to push these vaccine mandates on the human population that have proven to be less than favorable to the human condition. I know what Trump’s agenda was — he is a businessman first and foremost and views the world from that vantage point, not a scientific one. His desire is always to be the first with any kind of new product, be it hotels, office buildings, luxury golf courses, foodstuffs or wines. His goal was to be able to say to America and the world that “Look we did it first!” However, science does not work like a business. It is meticulous, long, hard work that requires long-suffering and a great deal of tedious patience in order to get the desired result, which in the case of a safe and efficient working vaccines could take decades.

As to the Biden administration’s goals and agenda for continuing this Trumpian formula one can only take guesses. Knowing full well that the proper scientific and infectious control protocols were not in practice during the Trump era and having overturned just about every other Trump agenda and practice, why has Biden continued down this failed Covid vaccine road of destruction? While that answer to that question leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth regardless of what it may actually be, there is one more that should make every sane and logical person cringe:

Why is the medical community, especially those working in Infectious Disease Research, continuing to support these radical and unscientific vaccines being pushed into the general populace? Why are doctors, who do know better and researchers who certainly know the facts kowtowing to the demands of a tyrannical government authority?

I get why the general public may succumb to these “mandates” and so-called unscientific government authorities, they do not have the medical or scientific knowledge or credentials and are relying on their doctors, the CDC and other authoritative researchers for their information. But, why is the vast majority of the medical community putting aside their medical ethics, the Hippocratic Oath and standing by while their governments continue to due harm to its citizens? That oath “To do no harm” is the bedrock of medical and scientific research and for whatever reason many of these practitioners, like Dr. Fauchi in particular, have taken a sledgehammer to that foundational principle and guideline for scientific and medical practice.

While I'm sure there are probably more, the only one of two likely conclusions I have come to after much contemplation are these -- one conspiratory - the other observational:

1. The elite in power (who have always remained in the shadows) are now showing their faces and agenda on a worldwide scale. They have become convinced that their time to bring the entire planet fully under their control is upon them and the will of the world’s people have become so broken and complacent that they can now assume their control in the full light of the sun.

2. Or, like in times past, the people of Earth are undergoing a mass psychotic event, which appears to occur from time to time once the world’s human population and technology reaches a certain pivotal point. When it does the human population will either suffer mass insanity or it will finally rise above its "animalistic" tendencies and become something new and amazing. In times past humanity reverted into mass psychosis, war and nearly destroyed itself; or Mother Nature responded in kind. It is my hope that this time we learn from our many pasts, take that leap of faith and move into that period of time spoken of by the prophets, sages and dreamers - that age of Aquarius, the Messianic Age, The Final Frontier, or The Age of New Hope.

Will we make it this time? The choice belongs to each and everyone of us. I can only hope we make it well!

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