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Ba'al To Yahweh - I'm Your Huckleberry

Justin Sledge, PhD reviews how a warrior-storm god become Yahweh, the god of world Abrahamic monotheism? By tracing the earliest history of Yahweh ("The One Exists") to his origins in the area around Mt Seir to his immigration during the Bronze Age Collapse to the Judea Highlands around Shiloh, this episode explores the early history of the Israelite God. How did Yahweh and his Yahwism transform in theater of Canaanite religion - dominated by El, Ba'al, Asherah, Anat and other myth figures? What aspects of local religion did the Yahwists assimilate, reject and contend over in that process? This episode explore the early history of Yahweh and the rise of Yahweh henotheism/monolatry and primitive monotheism.

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