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Biden's Hate-Filled Speech

by: Shmuel ben Shlomi

For those who witnessed this attack and call to arms against over 74 million U.S. citizens by the nation's current Commander and Chief, Joe Biden then I can only hope, especially if you are Jewish, you were appalled by it as much as I was. For all of you who missed the speech you need to fully digest it HERE.

We now have got an Adolf Biden on our hands. Look at the images surrounding him and this hate-filled speech that was purposefully filled with lies and distortions of the truth. We Jews are very familiar with this kind of rhetoric and stagecraft. We went through it just a little over a generation ago. This is a dangerous man, these are dangerous times.

Lest we forget the meaning of MAGA, regardless of who may have coined the phrase: "Make America Great Again!" Why does this current president have a problem with making America Great Again or with those who espouse it for our great Constitutional Republic?

WAKE UP America before we "step backward" into the tyranny of elitist rule who wish to crush anyone and any thing that stands in the way of their narrative, their vision and their control.

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