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Civil War Coming to America? Are You Crazy?

by: Shmuel ben Shlomi

We have been hearing a lot lately about the possibility of a civil war in the United States of America. Print news, cable news, such as Fox News, CNN and MSNBC have had several programs and segments on this topic over the last year or two, as have internet alternate news sites such as Newsmax, Tim Pool and a plethora of others. Even podcasters have gotten into the mix including two of the most influential podcasters in the world, Joe Rogan and Dave Rubin.

Except for the most radical viewpoints from those on the extreme Left and Right the whole idea that America could be heading for its second shooting civil war is given the kind of coverage it should — rational minded contemplation with saner minds prevailing.

The more saner in the crowd have listed all the reasons why it could happen but shouldn’t. What may or may not trigger such a horrendous turn of events and how, as unlikely as it is; and if it should occur what would be the likely outcome.

I am of the opinion like those espoused by Tim Pool, Tucker Carlson and Dave Rubin that an actual shooting war with either Blue States or Red States actually seceding from the Union is highly unlikely. Will the kinds of conflict, particularly in those cities that have downsized or eliminated budgets for law enforcement increase like we saw just a couple of years ago in Portland, Ferguson, Kenosha and on January 6th at the National Capital Building still occur? They could and may well do so depending on the political and economical atmosphere as we get closer to the 2022 midterm elections (just 3 months away) and 2024 Presidential election. A lot of how people may or may not respond will depend a great deal on how the mainstream media play up their rhetoric and particular narrative. My advice? Turn them the hell off and have a beer, a BBQ with friends and family and get to know your neighbors better — and send a message to the media that we are no longer buying what they are trying to sell us by turning off that dial.

Regardless, there is one area that in all these discussions in the media, on the internet and the bevy of podcasts that has gotten very little attention.

It is the fact that an actual shooting civil war with States seceding would have a huge ripple effect that would be felt by the entire globe with every single country adversely, affected, not just America. Those nations that depend deeply on America for its very survival (and there are too many to list here) would collapse bringing hunger, disease and death on a massive scale. America’s enemies like Russia, China, North Korea would immediately take advantage of our deadly divided state by intruding into other nation’s borders on a scale not seen in remembered history. It will make the Russian invasion of Ukraine look like child’s play. Russian aggression in the old breakaway countries of the former Soviet Union will definitely happen. Putin, or whoever is the leader of Russia at the time, will unleash its forces on all those now independent nations. There will be nothing to hold back China from fully invading Taiwan and Japan; and with China’s blessing North Korea would sweep into South Korea quickly eliminating its leadership, putting the people of South Korea under the same tyrannical noose the people in the North have suffered under for decades.

With the assistance of Russia Iran will seize the opportunity to attack Israel and any Arab nation not willing to bow to their claim of superiority in the region. They will ultimately fail as Israel is more than capable with its own nuclear arsenal to protect itself with or without the aid of America. But, it will be ugly, disastrous and beyond comprehension.

Europe, without the American support in NATO would likely succumb to a variety of “strong men” in their various nations with the EU crumbling under its own weight without the economic and militaristic support of the no longer united United States.

With the U.S. out of the picture there will be no one willing or able to hold back the age-old hatred held between Pakistan and India. With both in possession of nuclear weapons all it will take is one little spark…say a Kashmir event, and the missiles will start flying. America won’t be there to extinguish that spark before it quickly grows into an out-of-control bonfire.

I haven’t painted a very pretty picture have I. And, I have only touched on what could happen throughout the rest of the world should America break apart into divisive fractional States at war with one another with no coherent nationally accepted or reputed leadership.

This is not the 1860’s. We will not be shooting brother against brother with flintlocks and cannons. The devastation would be beyond any sane person to even begin to imagine because once that genie is let out of the bottle there is no stopping it until all is left in ruins surrounded by death and destruction not witnessed in this nation since the last civil war over 150 years ago. Let’s not forget that the other two superpowers aren’t just going to stand by twirling their mustaches while we are over here killing ourselves for reasons sane minds will still fail to understand. They will take advantage on our home front by aiding and abetting whichever side benefits them the most, then taking over once the fires die down, the smoke clears and the numberless bodies are swept under the dirt.

There were more deaths recorded in America’s first civil war than all the wars combined from the Spanish-American war, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The world-wide death toll from a shooting civil war in America today would likely be greater than the number of deaths in every major war and conflict this planet has experienced over the last 5,000 years.

For those who are out there preaching that another American civil war is inevitable, and those who are actually out there promoting such an evil idea as a good thing: I am left to believe that they are so full of self-hatred that it has rendered them insane and extremely dangerous to all society as a whole and should be incarcerated in a mental facility, not only for their own well being but for that of the nation and the world.

Their espousing of and acting out in such a way that could lead the nation down that very dangerous path of a shooting civil war and States seceding cannot be seen as people exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech anymore than a person who yells “Fire” in a crowded theater when there is no fire.

Do we differ politically, racially and religiously in the United States of America? You damn right we do, and that is what is the hallmark of our freedom, our uniqueness and should be celebrated — we can differ and yet find a way to work it out to the degree as President Ronald Reagan once said, “I’d learned while negotiating…that you seldom got everything you asked for.” When asked how he could handle that he reminded the reporter that “Neither did the other side.” In other words, a successful working out of differences is when both parties or sides walk away with something they wanted and learn to be content with what they both had to give up for now. That is how a successful Constitutional Republican-Democracy is supposed to work and as long as it does civil war will remain the wet-dream of the insane and anarchist where it needs to stay locked away forever.

Let us learn from our past or we are doomed to repeat it!

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