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HaShem’s Clarion Call — REPENT!

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

I really did not want to have to relate this because it hurts my soul to think it may just fall on deaf ears and blind eyes, however, I am compelled by the love of HaShem for His people and those who still have time to repent — return to the G-d of our fathers Avraham, Isaac and Jacob.

“When My people, who bear My Name, humble themselves, pray, and seek My favor and turn from their evil ways, I will hear in My heavenly abode and forgive their sins and heal their land.”

Give thanks to Adonai, proclaim His Name.; make His deeds known among the nations, sing to Him, compose songs to Him, speak of His wonders. Take pride in uttering His Holy Name, let the mind rejoice of those who seek Adonai. Search for Adonai and His might, seek His presence continually.

Remember the wonders He has performed, His miracles, and the laws from His mouth. Oh seed of Israel His servant, children of Jacob, His chosen ones. He is Adonai our G-d; the entire earth is governed by His laws.

Remember His covenant forever — the word He commanded to a thousand generations — which He made as a treaty with Avraham, and which was His oath to Isaac. He established it for Jacob as a statute, for Israel as an everlasting covenant.

Recount His glory among the nations, His wonders among all the peoples. For Adonai is great and most extolled. Awesome is He above all gods. For all the gods of the peoples are idols, whereas Adonai made the universe. Give to Adonai the glory due His Name.

With great grieve it must be told. With tears of supplication I hearken — only repentance now can curtail what is at hand. It will be a time of sorrow but also of great joy to all who have been waiting His promised deliverance.

Tremble before Him all peoples of the earth, for He established the inhabited world so it cannot be moved. The universe will rejoice, the earth will exult, and they will proclaim among the nations of the world: “Adonai has begun His reign.” The sea and its fullness will roar; the field and all that is in it will jubilate. Then the trees of the forest will sing with joy, receding before Adonai when He comes to judge the earth.

To Israel, HaShem’s chosen: What wrong have we found with Adonai that we would abandon Him by chasing after delusions? "Why are we no longer seeking HaShem and asking “Where is Adonai?” This same L-RD who brought us out of Egypt and led us for forty years through the wilderness and then brought us into a land flowing with milk and honey, Eretz Israel. “Why, My people have you done this two-fold wrong: having forsaken Me, the Fount of living waters and instead dug out for yourselves broken cisterns which cannot even hold regular water.”

Israel you are not My slaves. You are My chosen, My beloved. I gave you manna, quail, water from the rock. Led you victorious into the Land of Promise until the day you abandoned Me. I have brought you back home again — do not abandon Me again — I will never abandon you, but it is now time to more than just come home and inhabit the Land, it is now time to return to Me in wholehearted repentance. Purify the land I have returned you to. Make it ready for My deliverance and My deliverer who is coming soon.

I took away all your lovers before. I am doing it again because you are the love of My Life and I am a jealous Husband. Be faithful to Me and My commandments that I gave to you, My wedding vow to you on Mount Sinai when My prophet Moshe your teacher gave you my eternal Laws. I called you out from among all the peoples and nations and betrothed you to Me forever in righteousness, justice, in kindliness, in mercy and faithfulness. You responded with your vow to Me by declaring to all My creation, “All that the L-RD hath spoken we will do.” You said "I do" and we became wed for eternity to a vow that will never be broken and you shall know Me.

To the peoples of the nations: HaShem is extending His hand to all who would turn from their wickedness and follow His seven commandments given to Adam and Noah before the time of Avraham. He asks you - How long will you judge lawlessly and show partiality to the wicked? How long will you slaughter the innocent with laws of evil. Instead render justice to the lowly, the widowed and the orphaned, deal righteously with the poor and destitute. Rescue the lowly and the needy, save them from the hand of the wicked.

The judges of the earth, the leaders of the lands have concurred a tribunal of evil passing laws of lawlessness and adding severe burden on the backs of the people. These leaders neither know or understand, they walk along in darkness. Because of this all the foundations of the earth are shaken.

Arise, G-d, judge the earth, for You will inherit the nations. You Adonai are our King, Helper and Shield and blessed are You. You are holy and Your Name is holy and holy beings praise You every day, forever.

Oh Adonai, our Father cause us to return to Your Torah and bring us near, our King to Your service; and bring us back in wholehearted repentance before You. Pardon us, our Father, for we have sinned, forgive us, our King, for we have transgressed; because you forgive and pardon abundantly Gracious One. Please, Adonai look upon our affliction, and defend the cause of those who have repented and returned to You and redeem us speedily for the sake of Your Name. You are our mighty Redeemer.

Sound the great shofar for our liberty and raise a banner to gather our exiles, and gather us together from the four corners of the earth and return us to Eretz Israel. Reign over us You, Adonai, alone with kindness and compassion and make us, Your people, righteous with justice. Open our minds to your Torah and our eyes to Your commandments and there we will serve You faithfully and reverently as in the days of old and the earlier years.

For betrayers of You and Your people let there be no hope. And, may all wickedness perish instantly; may all Your enemies be swiftly cut off, and the insolent may You quickly uproot, crush, rout, and subdue speedily in our days. However, upon the upright and pious, and the elders of Your people the House of Israel, upon the remnant of our scholars, sages and faithful rabbis, upon the true converts and ger toshav and upon all who bear Your Name, may Your mercy be aroused. Adonai our G-d grant bountiful reward to all who trust in Your Name in truth; and place our lot among them forever, and may we not be put to shame, for in You we have put our trust.

We call out to You every day Adonai Eloheinu for our deliverance. Please bring the sprout of David, the Mashiach, Your servant, speedily and cause him to flourish and exalt his power with Your deliverance. Adonai, we hunger and thirst for Your deliverance.

How long oh L-RD will you be patient with the wicked? How many more have to suffer at their hand before your own patience runs out? We realize that You are not willing for any to perish but that all should come to repentance back to You, the One True G-d of all creation. But judgment is coming soon. HaShem, You will need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah and to those who lived in the time of Noah if judgment isn’t brought to bear on those who continually spit in Your face and poke You in the pupil of Your eye.

HaShem is a Great and Merciful G-d, but He is also a Righteous and Just G-d and those who would continue in wickedness, evil and unrighteousness must give an account and that day of accountability will be brought before the Eternal Judge of Righteousness very soon.

For those who have repented and returned to HaShem and His Torah. Those who have put off their clothes of idolatry worshipping false gods; HaShem is Your Shelter and your Refuge in the coming times of distress and judgment upon the face of the earth.

To you remember this in the times that are approaching rapidly:

Trust in Adonai with all your minds, thoughts, intentions and souls. Lean not upon your own understanding. There is a greater Mind at work here. We may not know what to do but keep your eyes and minds focused upon Him because He knows what to do. In all our ways acknowledge HaShem and He will direct our path. Our feet will remain firmly on that path in distress and joy. Do not be afraid for He is with us. Don’t become dismayed, despondent or depressed on what you see, hear and observe happening for He is our G-d. He will help us, He will strengthen us and He will hold us up with His righteous right Arm.

We will never need to fear the approaching terror, pestilence and ongoing plague. We will witness people fall at our left and right sides but HaShem has promised it shall not come near us. With our own eyes we will be a witness and behold the punishment of the wicked. Since we have returned to HaShem and proclaimed that Adonai is our Refuge and the Supreme One is our Dwelling, no evil shall befall us during this time of judgment on the earth and no plague will come near our houses. He will give his holy messengers command to guard us in all our ways and carry us upon their hands. He will save us, strengthen us, answer us when we call and be with us in this upcoming time of distress. He will free us and honor us, satiate us with longevity and allow us to bear witness and see His deliverance.

Remember in the time that is coming soon:

Adonai is our Light and our Salvation, whom shall we fear? Adonai is the Strength of our lives, of whom shall we be afraid? When evildoers approach us to devour our flesh — our tormentors and our foes will stumble and fall. If an army should camp themselves against us, our minds will not be full of worrisome thoughts and fear; if war were to rise against us in this we can trust — He is our Light, Salvation and Strength. Therefore, beloved of G-d, hope to Adonai, be strong and He will give you courage; and hope to Adonai.

Repent — Be Strong — and rest in the Shalom of Adonai.

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