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I Stand Forever With Eretz Israel

There are no such peoples called Palestinians. That is a fake name created by the Roman occupiers of Israel centuries ago. The so-called Palestinians are Arabs and they have loads of places to go throughout the Middle East. Millions of miles of Arab territory. Jews only have one true home - those few miles called Eretz Israel.

So why all the problems? The leaders of their fellow Arab nations do not want them to return to their ancestral Arab lands because they are useful as a political tool and human shields for those leaders against their sworn enemy Israel and the Jewish people.

So long as the nations of the world also continue using these Arab peoples, falsely called Palestinians, as political puppets there will be no real lasting peace in the region.

A two-State solution will never succeed because the goal of these radicalized Arabs and their leaders is a one-State solution and the total annihilation of Eretz Israel and the Jewish people. If they were to ever succeed in such a destructive plan (which they will not -- NEVER AGAIN!) then the region would go back to the wasteland it was before the return enmass of the Jewish people and the regaining of their Land in 1948 and these so-called Palestinians would be left to squaller in poverty and deplorable conditions by their so-called Arab friends and supporters in other nations of the world. As far as the Arab world and most of the rest of the nations of the world are concerned this has nothing to do with the Arabs living in Gaza or the West Bank and everything about eliminating Israel under Jewish control from the map.

Israel has been the home of the Jewish people for over 4,000 years; even before there were any Arabs, or so-called Palestinians. There has always been some Jewish presence in the Land to ensure that title deed remains in Jewish hands and there will always be.

Israel is the home and nation of the Jewish State and will always be long after every other nation has come and gone.

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