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In the Beginning...

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

by: Shmuel ben Shlomi

Along time ago in a galaxy called The Milky Way the creative remnants of the Creator of all that is began to coalesce in that galaxy’s outermost rim. Swirling and expanding gases formed two great stars, one a yellow sun called Sol, the other a red/brown dwarf named Nemesis. The two suns moved great distances from each other with Nemesis finally coming into an elongated clock-wise elliptical orbit around its sister sun Sol.

The remaining stellar dust and gases started being attracted by these two sisters, thus began the long process of forming both rocky, watery and gaseous bodies called planets and with these newly born planets, orbiting around the gravitational pull of the sisters, started to entice the solid and gases around them called moons or planetary satellites.

Sometime around five to six billion years later a rogue planet from interstellar space (it once resided in what is known as the Orion Star System) drifted into this newly forming solar system and was captured by Nemesis. This new intruder was welcomed along with the moons it had attracted during its long, long drifting through interstellar space. The planet was called Nibiru.

As Nemesis and Nibiru were establishing their relationship other planets were also beginning to form a close relationship with the other sister sun, Sol. The first to be wed to Sol was a solid rock of very small size named Mercury. This was followed by a huge mass of water, rock and precious hard minerals named Tiamat, also known as Tehom in the Tanakh (old Testament). It was very large with a mass the size of a brother gaseous planet that was also forming called Jupiter. Along with another newly forming gas planet named Saturn these three, with special attention paid to Tiamat sped up the process of turning the surrounding remaining space debris into other gaseous and rocky planets. Joining them closer to Sol and Tiamat were the rocky planets of Venus and Mars, as well as, gaseous Neptune and Uranus in the outer regions. Each began attracting their own satellites. However, the orbits around Sol and Nemesis were unstable and quite erratic due mainly to the competing sizes of Tiamat and Jupiter and their myriad of moons. There was one planet that inhabited a place in this disheveled solar system that had an unstable orbit near what is called the “Goldilocks Zone,” a location that is not too close and not too far from Sol making it good for the growth of the seed of life from the Creator of all that is. That planet was Mars, situated between Tiamat and Venus. The seed of life was distributed to all the forming planets (and throughout the Universe), however at this time in the formation of this young solar system only Mars had the atmosphere and water suitable for that fledgling life to begin production.

Around four to five billion years ago Nibiru made a close approach to Sol while in its orbit around Nemesis. This time Nibiru came too close to those planets surrounding Sol. Upon it’s entry the gravitational pull of Nemesis and Tiamat with its moons overwhelmed nearly all the other planets and their moons, particularly Mars, throwing the young planet with its newly forming potential for life out of its orbit causing the beautiful green planet to turn into an iron-red mass of dust storms, evaporating nearly all its surface waters and atmosphere eliminating its potential for sentient life of any kind to form.

As Nibiru circled close to Sol on its return trip to the outermost part of the solar system Venus was pulled closer to Sol turning this once cooler planet into a cauldron of heat and poisonous atmosphere.

As Nibiru approached Tiamat both made ready their armaments for war against each other. The battle raged the closer Nibiru came to Tiamat. However, Nibiru prevailed by first striking a deadly blow to that giant watery rock with its own great mass skimming its surface then in a final death strike one of Nibiru’s massive moons named Kingu struck at the heart of Tiamat ripping it asunder into two main parts; one of a watery, solid, very heated mass and the other into billions of smaller bits of matter we call asteroids. As a result of the onslaught Kingu was lost to Nibiru and was thrown into a strange orbit around the remaining part of Tiamat, which itself was now in a new orbit, one that mimicked the once habitable Mars. This new orbit of the remains of Tiamat, now called Earth with its new moon now named Luna now resided in the perfect orbit around Sol called the Goldilocks Zone. The seed of life from the watery Tiamat now found a home conducive for life of all types. It, Earth, became the place for the development of sentient life that would one day be known as homo sapiens-sapiens.

As Nibiru and its remaining moons sped out to its outer-system home it continued affecting the orbits of the other forming planets placing them all into their current more stable orbits, dislodging one of the moons of Saturn and hurtling it farther out into the outer part of the solar system. We know this dwarf planetary body as Pluto. Apart from its impact with Tiamat and the creating of Earth, the other major part Nibiru played in the beginnings of this solar system was causing a nearly ninety-eight degree axis tilt of the gas planet Uranus as compared to Sol’s orbital plane.

As each planet, including Nibiru, started settling into a more ordered system the remaining debris of Tiamat slowly conjoin into what is now called the Asteroid Belt located strategically between the new orbits of Mars and Jupiter, aiding in the stabilization of those planets closest to it; but also causing hits and near misses of asteroids and meteors that from time to time impact the planets in their path — including the newly forming planet Earth and its moon.

We now turn our attention to Earth, the future home of us Earthlings, aka, human beings.

Over the next couple of billion years Earth, continuing in its orbit around Sol, began to cool significantly due to the lack of heat and light being able to penetrate the chaotic mess of debris. As “the dust settled” light began to peer through the darkness, the debris of dust gravitated to the surface. As more light appeared the heat penetrated allowing for the separation of the waters on the Earth to fall in the deep pits left by the Nibiru and Kingu strikes - the largest pit we now call the Pacific Ocean. Some of the waters now heated by the more visible Sol rose forming vaporous gases creating an atmospheric layer and cloud formation allowing for rains to fall and creating very humid conditions. All the requirements for the creation of life were beginning to fall into place so that the seed of life from the Creator of all that is could take hold and firmly root itself for success.

The first to “see the light of day” was microscopic viral and bacterial microbial life. Over a period of another billion years this life evolved into more complex lifeforms. Visually recognizable life first formed in the oceans and other bodies of water now constantly being fed by the rains, snows and water vapor continually feeding the life cycle.

From time to time forces from within the planet itself would erupt and destroy any life unable to adapt (evolve) to the sometime chaotic and rapid changes to the environment. Add to that the periodic visits from Nibiru’s close approaches (approximately once every 3600 to 4000 years), the introduction of meteors and asteroids from the Asteroid Belt, as well as flybys from comets coming out of the Kuiper belt located in the outermost rim of the Sol/Nemesis System.

Eventually, as will occur on any planet located in the Goldilocks Zone, plant life began to emerge from the soil of Earth — that land located below the waters and on dry land. Insect life emerged approximately one-half billion years ago and developed a symbiotic relationship with most plant life in which the propagation of each became interdependent.

As plants and insects became so plentiful that the whole dry land of Earth and within its oceans, rivers and streams a balance grew out of necessity. All life requires balance to succeed and life will always find a way to continue, therefore the oceans began to counter this overgrowth of insect and plant life thereby making it possible for the development of sea life in a myriad of forms to evolve. On dry land too life adapted to keep balance. Creatures big and small, first primitive then over millions of years through adaptation and cross-breeding more adaptive. On dry land the first were reptilian, then birds and finally mammalian life.

The life cycles of each of these species waxed and waned. Those that could not adapt to the periodic changes to their environment went extinct and those that remained evolved according to their particular genetic makeup. However, through the course of millions of years, as far as we know today, no sentient being, as we understand the term, rose to exist on planet Earth, even though there were several hominid type species in existence. That was all about to change.

To understand what that important change was we will need to digress from Earth and go back to Nibiru. Because of Nibiru’s orbit around its star Nemesis life also evolved on it but at a more rapid rate of development. A sentient race of beings developed on Nibiru long before that of Earth. By the time the first creatures on Earth pulled themselves out of the waters onto dry land a sentient species of being was already in the early days of their industrial revolution. They had gone through a horrendous nuclear civil war that nearly destroyed them all but fortunately for them (and us as we will learn) saner minds prevailed and a lasting peace was created between that planet’s two main superpowers.

Now we must jump to about 450,000 years ago Earth time. There arose on Nibiru a very serious dispute between the original warring royal families concerning who should be the new ruler of their planet once the current leader died without a proper heir. Sound familiar?

One person named Alalu felt he should be leader, while another fellow called Anu believed he possessed the royal bloodline. They fought it out, just the two of them, and Anu won the day. Alalu was sentenced to death for trying to usurp the throne but escaped in a space shuttle and ended up landing on Earth. His trip here wasn’t accidental. All on Nibiru knew the history of the the arrival of their planet Nibiru from the Orion system eons ago and also knew the story of Tiamat, the once watery and precious metal rich planet that is now Earth and the Asteroid Belt.

At this time in Nibiru’s history the planet was undergoing a time of environment change as a result of climate change, depletion of their atmosphere and a very slight offset in their orbital axis around Nemesis. They had resorted to reseeding their upper atmosphere with microscopic gold particles to replenish and restore their “ozone layer.” Again, sound familiar?

The problem for Nibiru’s inhabitants was gold was in limited supply on Nibiru and its many moons and the only other planets in the outer regions of their area of the solar system were small chunks of rock without gold or were gaseous planets only. They were aware of Earth (which they called Ki) and knew that it was a remnant of Tiamat which was originally rich with gold and other precious metals and minerals but saw the Asteroid Belt as too much a deterrent for safe space travel at that time to venture forth. However, with his life in the balance Alalu decided it was worth the risk for him if he could find a plentiful supply of gold on Earth then he could return in the good graces of the citizens on Nibiru and be crowned their true leader.

Alalu managed to navigate successfully through the Asteroid Belt and landed on Earth in the area we now know as Iraq/Iran in the Persian Gulf. Checking the waters of the Gulf for liquid gold he was encouraged by the results even though the amount was less than he’d hoped for; but if there was gold here perhaps a larger quantity could be found elsewhere. So, he radioed Nibiru told them what he had found and was told to stay where he was and Anu would send an envoy of scientists to Earth to check out his findings. Anu sent his eldest son, a scientist, who would eventually be given the honorific title of EN-KI (Earth-project Commander).

Upon EN-KI’s arrival with a small crew of scientists and workman (known as IGIGI) the waters were again tested with more sophisticated tools than Alalu had at his disposal and they learned that there was gold in the waters but not in a plentiful enough supply to warrant the expense and dangers of space travel back and forth between Earth and Nibiru. EN-KI decided to take Alalu’s space shuttle and travel across the planet in search of possible gold sites that might bring a greater return on their investment. He found just such a place in the area we call South Africa. There was so much gold available in this region of Earth that it raised the hopes of the Nibiru people after EN-KI radioed his results back home. However, there was one caveat: the gold was underground and would require a massive mining operation, manpower and the need to setup a refinery system, as well as a way station on Earth’s moon and on the desolate planet of Mars.

Upon receiving this news Anu decided it was worth the cost and dangers. He increased the number of IGIGI to 600 men and women — 400 on Earth and the other 200 to man the way station on Mars. Anu saw no need to establish a station on the moon. He also sent a few more scientists including their most renowned geneticist named Ninmah to assist in cataloging the plant, insect, animal and other life on Earth. She, along with EN-KI would later play a major role in the development of homo sapiens life on Earth. Anu sent another of his sons titled EN-LIL (Planet Commander) to take charge of all operations on the planet and sending regular reports back home.

Headquarters for EN-LIL were established throughout what we know as Mesopotamia (Iraq, Syria and Iran). EN-KI was stationed in South Africa at the heart of the mining operations. Eventually he would also start more mining work in what is now known as Southern Mexico, Central America and South America.

The lifespan of those from Nibiru (called Annunaki by the Sumerians and Anakim by the Israelis) was quite long compared to all life on Earth. From our reference of the passage of time they lived thousands of years (one Nibiru year is equivalent to 3600 Earth years). After working the mines for thousands of Earth years the IGIGI were getting unsettled due to the very hard labor and the long time spent away from their families back home. EN-LIL tried to appease them by setting up an alternating work schedule to allow for a change of workforce every few thousand years, but the IGIGI could not be placated so they basically went on strike and took EN-KI hostage by surrounding his dwelling place.

This in where the story now turns to us homo sapiens-sapiens.

While observing the various forms of life in South Africa and in other regions of Africa EN-KI and his scientific cohort Ninmah took note of one particular species of hominid that stood upright, had an opposable thumb and a larger cranial mass than his fellow hominids. As a geneticist Ninmah believed that with the proper DNA techniques she may be able to transform this species into a satisfactory workforce to aid in the mining and refining of gold. EN-KI agreed because if she were successful this would eliminate their IGIGI problem. This idea was brought before his brother EN-LIL and they called Anu with the idea. Anu felt this was too important for a phone call so he and his Council of Twelve advisors came to Earth to see these creatures for themselves.

EN-LIL was against the idea saying they would be playing a role reserved strictly for the Creator of all that is. Anu and the Council pondered and debated for months and it was decided to give EN-KI and Ninmah the go-ahead for the project. Anu addressed the IGIGI and they seemed pleased as well and stopped their work shortage, returned to there mines and to Mars with the assurance their toil would soon end (soon to them being a few thousand years in Earth time).

The genetics team were given what they needed in the way of Nibiruian surrogates (seven in all) to carry the genetically enhanced zygotes.

After many failed attempts a suitable worker was created and crowned as a homosapien. The problem that arose with this type of genetic manipulation was these new creatures could not procreate. Then approximately 250,000 years ago in Earth time this riddle was solved by integrating Nibiruian DNA with that of the homosapien DNA thus creating a creature that could replace dying and ailing workers with new ones through the process of sexual reproduction. Thus was born — Homosapien-sapiens sapiens — modern human beings. “Let US make mankind in OUR image and OUR likeness.”

Once the genetic alterations had been made men and women reproduced like rabbits quickly filling the whole Earth and this Nibiruian/Human worker (slave) relationship lasted for thousands of years. Humans too had long lifespans because of introducing Nibiruian DNA into the human mix. The Nibiruian presence on Earth were looked upon by humans as gods because their technology, their longevity and their power were viewed as supreme. It would seem that EN-LIL’s misgivings about doing this were well founded. He felt all humans should be annihilated and the Nibiruians on Earth should pack up and go home as a near approach of their home planet was due soon and would make the trip back shorter. He felt they had accumulated enough gold for their planet’s atmospheric repair and it was time to leave. Also, having been on earth now for hundreds of thousands of years was beginning to effect their own aging process by speeding it up noticeably. On Anu’s last visit to Earth he commented on how his two sons had aged a lot compared to himself and others back on Nibiru over the same time period.

At this point in the time scale we are approximately sitting at 14,000 years ago in Earth time. Nibiru is making another orbit around Sol and it will come much closer to the inner planets causing major upheavals on Earth and its inhabitants. We know this as the Deluge or Great Flood account found in nearly all ancient writings including the Hebrew Bible, the Babylonian Enumah Elish and the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, as well as ancient Anasazi and Hopi tribal lore and the Australian Aboriginal creation stories. The hero names are different in each but the story remains the same.

As Nibiru edged closer the Nibiruians removed themselves from planet Earth leaving the human Earthlings to fend for themselves with EN-LIL hoping this will be the last he will ever have to see of them again. However, EN-KI who actually “loved” the human creatures he and Ninmah created in their image and likeness gives information to one particular demigod who goes by various names depending on the story source what is about to occur so that he and those with him can prepare for what is coming and survive to carry on. That person would be Ziusdra in Sumerian stories of the Flood, Ut-Napishtim in the Babylonian account (both which predate the Biblical account by at least a thousand years) and Noah in the Hebrew Bible account.

Humans survived the Deluge and it is decided by Anu and the Council of Twelve that it is obvious that it was Destiny that prevailed and not Fate that human beings should exist so they then took on the job of aiding humankind to flourish post-Deluge, teaching them the art of agriculture, construction techniques, animal domestication, mathematics, astronomy/astrology, politics, religion and more. Thus was born the beginnings of humankind’s first civilizations starting in Turkey at Gobekli-Tepe and on to the Persian Gulf with the great Sumerian Empire from which sprang the Akkadian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Hittite and Assyrian Empire, the Greek Empire, the Roman Empire and every great and not-so great empires that have followed down to our very days in the Twenty-First Century CE.

By 3,500 years ago Earth time most Nibiruians had left planet Earth. Some stayed behind, but that is a story for another day.



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