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Introducing Sam Aronow - Jewish History

I would like to introduce my website viewers to Sam Aronow. He is an Israeli Jew, a published author and a student of Israel's past who has dedicated himself to putting Jewish history back in the context of world history.

His study into Jewish history, both from a biblical and secular historical perspective are well documented with sources grounded in archaeological, anthropological, ancient and modern written works, oral tradition and well established, validated material. His presentations are both in the style of "cliff notes" and deep dive historicity.

With each video lesson he provides a wellspring of professional thesis, respected research academicians, as well as the writings of irrefutable rabbinic teachings, as well as from our most respected Jewish sages, past and present.

Before I forget. There is one major thing I have come to really respect him for. If he makes a mistake or if new research proves some of his past research or sources to be in error on some level; as soon as possible he puts out a new video correcting his previous conjecture. To find such attention to detail and honesty in this current time of academics being so immovable once they have publically taken a stance is quite refreshing and he should be highly commended for his integrity in this area.

Here is just a brief overview of Mr. Aronow's work into Jewish history:

You can become a supporter of Mr. Aronow on his patreon page:

Sam Aronow is creating Jewish history videos

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