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Klieg, Klieg, Klieg-Du bist a Nar

Before getting into this discussion I must add this one caveat: "I don't speak because I have the power to speak; I speak because I don't have the power to remain silent" – Rabbi A.Y. Kook

I was on a particular social media site awhile back and someone asked the question "If HaShem is immortal and all-powerful, can He create a weapon with which he could kill Himself?”

One of my first thoughts after reading this was a quote by one of my scientific heroes:

“There are two things that are infinite, the universe and man's stupidity..... And I am not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein

At first glance that question posed above seems to be a heretical and frivolous one, but digging deeper I realized it really is an interesting and profound question. It made me think of one that use to be bandied about around about 50 years ago which asked, "Can HaShem make a rock so big and heavy that He cannot pick it up?"

Again, a surface pondering may make the two questions sound like a ridiculous query but at the heart of both of those musings are some serious implications. What exactly does it mean to be the Immortal and All-Powerful One? Does the Almighty who is Eternal Life impose certain restrictions upon Himself? Does the moral and righteous character of the One and only true fountain of holiness prevent Himself, by the very nature of His holiness from doing or even contemplating certain actions that all to readily crop up into the minds of men? And, how can we, who are mortal while clothed in flesh and, in many cases, powerless comprehend this?

I have always felt that if humankind in its finite awareness could understand or explain to its own satisfaction the infinite Creator of all that is, then He wouldn't be much of a Supreme Being now would He?

I truly believe that all life, whatever form it takes is a part of the very existence of Adonai Eloheynu since He is LIFE ITSELF and all that is life would have to emanate from Him. Therefore, all life, being of HaShem is eternal and infinite as well on a level currently unavailable to the human psyche and that LIFE is not governed by the limited process we call understanding, or human logic, but is governed by infinite knowing. Adonai knows and on a limited level while housed in this dust we call the human body, we know, that is what makes faith possible, we know even without understanding that which we know.

But, getting back to the original premise. As I stated above HaShem is Eternal Life, or — more clearly HaShem is LIFE! Life is the exact opposite of death. Since all life emanates from HaShem then it follows that everything that has life, in reality never dies. It can and will change, evolve, transform or 'move on,' but never dies. In fact, death is an illusion and does not exist at all.

This has also been proven to be true scientifically to a lesser degree and this is where my 40-plus years of medical physics comes in handy. We already know and are beginning to understand more fully that everything in the created universe, and I do mean everything, is, at its most basic elemental level, packets of quantum energy (which some term packets and others call strings). Energy, which too is life at its core, is never really destroyed. It can be changed, transformed or even brought to a relative state of rest but never at measurable rest, but it is still energy nonetheless and therefore never ‘dies’. It may not be recognized for what it was, but it still is.

This then must be true on a much grander scale for all that is Life that has been created by HaShem. It is also true of ourselves, we little packets of quantum energy, and all that is what we term creation.

So then, the initial query posited is really a trick question because the question of death is moot since, in all truth, nothing has ever died, is dying or will ever will, however, be transformed in the Olam HaBa when the Almighty One, blessed be His Name returns all lives to their resurrected bodies.

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