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Parshat Terumah - Come Back To My House

by: Rabbi Liebenberg

This week's parshah teaching from Rabbi Liebenberg touches on a subject many of us have been hit by over these past two years -- the lockdowns over Covid and the effect it has had on Shul attendance.

I must admit that my family and I haven't attended Shul for quite some time on a regular basis over Shabbat and the holy days. We live in a small city located in the Plains of the United States. The two small congregations in our town are near one another in a location a few miles from our home. We do not drive on Shabbat and the distance is too far to walk which would also violate the Shabbat. The next closest synagogue is a 45 minute drive one way from our town. Such is the price paid for getting out of the "big city" and off the grid as much as possible at our age.

Since all of our spiritual needs: such as prayer, study and traditions are satisfactorily met from home, and with our Rabbi just a phone call away, the one thing we miss most is that which is emphasized in Rabbi Liebenberg's address in this video -- the socializing with fellow Jews in one physical place. While I love the interaction which social media sites like Locals, and other good platforms provide there is nothing better than gathering together in a place reserved for the worship of HaShem with other Jews face to face. It is a spiritual and emotional medicine for the mind and the soul and is what we miss most.

Shabbat Shalom!

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