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Rabbinical court judge suspended after refusing COVID vaccine

Good for Rabbi David Lau glad to see that not all in authority have lost their HaShem given common sense. It may have cost him his position on the Rabbinic court but he has gained a special mitzvot in the eyes of Adonai. If we trust Adonai as Moshe Rabbenu and Rabbi Lau and many others have then this dangerous vaccine should not be taken. It is the decision of each person to decide to put their lives in danger or not. As for me and my house - we will trust Adonai;

"I will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day. The pestilence that prowls in the darkness, nor the PLAGUE that ravages at noon. A thousand will fall at my left side, and ten thousand at my right side but it shall NOT come NEAR ME!...For I have proclaimed, 'Adonai is my refuge,' the Supreme One I have made my dwelling. No evil shall befall me, and no PLAGUE shall come near my house."

I strongly trust in the promises of HaShem over those of an untested and hurriedly created vaccine that has come with some serious warnings of side effects and many of which are yet to be determined because it was released after only a couple of months of study and testing.

Thank you Rabbi Lau for standing firm upon the word and promise of HaShem given to us by His Psalmist.

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