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Taking Off the Costume - The Eternal Now

The subject of NDE's (Near Death Experience) is not new within Jewish thought and debate. The Baal Shem Tov was a proponent. Rabbi Hayyim Angel has written about life after physical death and what to expect. NDE's are becoming more common among Jews and non-Jews alike and being openly discussed by both.

In this video is given another view of NDE that, from my own experience, knowing and understanding of life after what is commonly referred to as death, is spot on the mark. Andy Petro's NDE experience over 67 years ago when he was 18 years of age is enlightening, refreshing and given without compromise or guile.

"Andy Petro had a near-death experience 2 days before graduating high school 67 years ago, and today he still remembers what happened almost word for word. During his NDE experience he saw his future and other past lives." - Jeff Mara

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