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The Dangers of Factious 'isms'

Today's radical Islamism and the leftist Marxism rearing its ugly head across the globe will die...eventually. History has proven that any ideology of hate will eventually turn on itself and decay from within and will destroy itself or be relegated to the background of ineffectiveness.

The sad thing is it can take years and years for this to occur and many lives are ruined while many die along the way because of it. We have seen the radicalism of Nazism, Fascism, Marxism, socialism, communism all come, proclaiming themselves to be the savior of mankind only to practically destroy it.

This Islamic radicalized 'ism' from Muslim countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, the new rendition of communism from the CCP and the hyped-up Venezuelan-style democratic socialism has over the last 20 years come into direct competition with the prevailing 'ism' of the last century known as Crony Capitalism, and they all will continue to destroy many with the false hope of humanity's salvation.

But, like all false prophets of hope they too will eventually turn and devour their own.

Hate and self-centeredness has no other final course but to turn inward on itself because of the strange mixture of selfishness and self-hatred which is at the root of all these factious 'isms'.

However, the idea of true liberty with individual responsibility, thought and freedom has been the hopeful stream of consciousness that has run through the thread of humanity like a beacon of light since the days of HaShem's leading our ancestors up out of Egypt still burns brightly within every mind and soul today; crying out to be made manifest as the world's true ideology of deliverance. One day that vision for a better tomorrow first given to Moshe Rabbenu and experienced by our fathers at Sinai and by us today in Adonai's revealed Torah will become a reality for all the planet when Mashiach is made manifest to the whole world.

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