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The laws of Purim during the corona pandemic

It is a mitzvah to maintain one’s health and avoid danger, as the Torah says “Only take heed and watch yourself very carefully” (Deuteronomy 4: 9), and also “Watch yourselves very carefully” (ibid, 15). Even when the fear of risking life is remote, our Sages instructed to be machmir (stringent) on avoiding danger even more than fear of violating a prohibition, because “chamira sakanta me-isura” – i.e., regulations concerning danger to life are more stringent than ritual prohibitions (Chullin 10a: Rema, YD, 116:5), and someone who endangers himself and dies will be judged for it, as written: “Only of the blood of your own lives will I demand an account (Genesis 9: 5).

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