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Trump's CNN Town Hall May 10, 2023

Updated: May 11

by: Shmuel ben Shlomi

I was watching Tim Pool's podcast tonight as President Trump was on the CNN Town Hall and they kept ragging on him for talking about the rigged election. It really pissed me off listening to them say that Trump was hurting himself by constantly referring to the 2020 election as being rigged and how while there were irregularities in the ballot counts in various States Trump was only digging himself into a deep hole by talking about it. What in the hell is wrong with these fucking people? The election was rigged, we saw LIVE on election night November 2020 how cameras caught ballot stuffing, closing down polls early and bringing in fraudulent ballots at 3AM across the country, ballot counting machines rejecting Trump votes and adding tallies to Biden's and so on and on and on. When the moderator asked if Trump would stop referring to the rigged election he answered "of course, unless I see a rigged election," in 2024. That was a perfect and appropriate answer for the President to give to that question. Pool and his guests may not like that Trump talks about the rigged election but truth is truth, even when you don't want to hear or acknowledge it.

I suppose I have lived on this planet long enough (well over seven decades now) to see the obvious when it is staring you in the face and never grow tired of hearing or speaking the truth of a thing for as long as it takes to get through some of these thick skulls of the so-called bright young ones now dominating the media and online venues such as Pool's and others. When they have lived a little longer perhaps they will one day get pissed at the incongruity of their own lack of logic and wisdom.

G-d help us all until then as these kids are our future leaders. I'm sure my parent's generation felt the same about us.

Now get the hell off my lawn!

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