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Who Will Tell the Historical Truth of Our Era?

by: Shmuel ben Shlomi

Who's truth will prevail in the telling of our era of the early 21st Century? With each new discovery of our past within archaeology, as well as, the release of before unknown documents, we are learning that the stories of our past are subject to the prevailing view of the victor.

Who will tell our story? Will it be the Alt-Left? Perhaps the Alt-Right?

It is my hope that sanity prevails and those with the wisdom and insight to see the various sides of trending issues will be able to put pen in hand, or fingers to keyboard and leave behind for future generations a reasoned view of all the events and players of our time.

This will allow or future offspring to rationally and unemotionally better understand both the successes and failures of our age. It will hopefully allow them to learn from our mistakes so as not to continue repeating this insane successive loop humanity seems to find themself in, i.e.; civilization rising out of the ashes into growth in technology while lacking in a more elevated spiritual state of being only to reach a certain pinnacle then have it all dissolve once again into an ash heap - and begin all over again.

That, at least, is my optimistic outlook. Perhaps, for the first time ever, humanity will prove my optimism grounded in a positive outcome.


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