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Wisdom for Social Media Use on the Internet

A Guide for Using Social Media

by: Pirket Avot - The Wisdom of Our Jewish Sages

“Be cautious in judgment. What passes for Truth is often only hallowed opinion.” 1.1

“Be hospitable……Do not speak idly. One who speaks without attention and uses words without care speaks shallowly, listens poorly, gives bad advice, and falls easily into gossip. Such inattention causes harm and dishonors yourself and others.” 1:5

“Find a teacher to challenge your answers. Acquire a friend to challenge your questions. Allow everyone to challenge opinions — even your own.” 1.6

“Do not cooperate with a wicked person for this destroys a community. Do not collaborate with an evil person, for this destroys society.” 1.7

“When seeking Truth, question thoughtfully. Choose your words carefully: A shrewd listener can detect your bias and through your words, learn to lie. The ‘truths’ we desire support what we already know. We become victims of our own opinions and rationalizations. The Truth we need frees us from the known, makes us simple, and plants us firmly in Reality.” 1.9

“…No matter how famous the mouth, check the words against experience…” 1:10

“Be careful with words. C-O-W gives no milk. M-A-N-U-R-E has no stench. L-O-V-E knows no passion, Make words for Truth, and you exile yourself from Reality. Others may follow and drink the poison of your confusion. They will die, and Truth will be defiled.” 1:11

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