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Yigdal of Dayan (Judge) Daniel ben Yehuda


The existence of G-d:

Exalted is the living G-d, and praised He exists, and His existence transcends time.

G-d is One:

He is One, and there is no unity like His, He is invisible, His unity is infinitive.

G-d is un-corporeal:

He is unlike the corporeal or even the non-corporeal, His holiness is beyond comparison.

G-d is Eternal:

He preceded every being that was created, He was First, and there was no genesis to His beginning.

G-d alone must be worshipped:

He is Master of the Universe to every creature, (all) proclaim His greatness and His majesty.

Truth of Divine Prophecy:

The fullness of His prophecy, He bestowed on those He treasured, and in whom He gloried.

Moses was the Greatest of all Prophets:

There never arose in Israel another like Moses, a prophet who beheld G-d’s image.

Divine Revelation of the Torah:

The Torah of truth the Almighty gave to His people through His prophet, the trusted one of His house.

The Torah is Immutable:

The Almighty will not exchange nor alter His Law. Never will He offer any alternative.

G-d Knows the Acts and Thoughts of Humanity:

He scrutinizes and knows our secrets. He beholds the end of a thing at its beginning.

Divine Reward and Punishment:

He rewards human beings with kindness according to their deeds and sends evil to the wicked according to their wickedness.

Belief I'm the Coming of the Messiah (Mashiach):

He will send our Messiah at the end of days, to redeem all who wait His final deliverance.

Divine Resurrection of the Dead:

The Almighty will revive the dead because of His abundant kindness: Blessed forever is His praised Name.

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